Image taken by MCSE’s monitoring camera on board BepiColombo mission during Mercury’s third flyby on 19 June 2023.

Taken from a distance of about 2 982 km, the image showcases the impressive 600 km-long Beagle Rupes scarp. Just below centre, the newly named Manley Crater is seen – assigned for artist Edna Manley. The 218 km-wide crater has a 120 km-wide circular peak-ring of material in its interior resulting from the formation process of the crater. The original basin floor, especially inside this ring, was subsequently flooded by lava that is responsible for the smooth interior texture. Regions like these will be important for BepiColombo’s main science mission, to learn more about Mercury’s geological history

Use red-green/blue glasses to best enjoy this anaglyph image.

Source and credits: ESA