Processing systems for harsh environmental conditions

Camera Control Unit

The aim of the Camera Control Unit is to ensure the data and power interface between several micro-cameras and the spacecraft and also to provide some basic data processing operations on the acquired images. It has also the capability to store images.

Product Sheet

Control and Image Processing Unit

This unit, under development with the support of ESA, is meant to control various sensors and to provide advanced processing, with the possibility to reconfigure the software in flight.

The unit ensures the control of the sensors (2 cameras and a radiation monitor), performs image processing, image storage, and communicates with the spacecraft. It provides also the secondary power lines to the sensors.

Image Processing Board

Development for ESA up to EM level for Phobos Sample Return mission.

The image processing board (IPB) hardware architecture is designed to provide support for navigation towards Phobos and also for the descent and landing phase.

The architecture allows to control two cameras and to perform in real time the required processing.

Imaging Processing Unit

The Imaging Processing Unit (IPU) was an ESA project aiming to be used to control imagers or other sensors and to perform data processing as well as processing for the control and setting up of the instrument in support of the autonomy of the system.
The need for more and more complex processing (compression, image processing, feature extraction, etc.) make the IPU a solution of choice for highly demanding systems.
ts reconfigurable functionality is an additional benefit since it improves the versatility of running diverse applications and is well suited for onboard autonomous systems.
Its significant processing capability allows reducing the main processor’s activity for instrument related tasks. Its lightness and compactness is a valuable asset for tight payload mass & volume requirements.
The IPU is designed to operate in harsh environment.

SMART-1 Control and Processing Unit

This control & processing unit provides data control and power management of the AMIE camera through the Serial and Power Interface, allows storage of image data from the camera into a mass memory buffer, provides data control and power management of an image compression unit, communicates with the spacecraft through the a CAN Bus Interface and adapts the spacecraft supply voltage (Power Bus Interface) to the levels required by its electronics and the camera. The processing unit allows image compression and extraction of specific parts of the images before transmission.