Imaging and processing systems for harsh environmental conditions


Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration SA (MCSE) develops since more than 20 years specific systems in the field of scientific instrumentation for space exploration and has been selected for the development of imaging systems in several ESA and NASA missions, like PROBA 1 and 2, SMART-1, Rosetta, MarsExpress/Beagle2, Sentinel 1a, BepiColombo, JUICE, Biomass, Artemis/VIPER and also onboard the International Space Station.

MCSE has developed an extensive experience in the following fields:

  • Assessment and test of new technologies for space exploration (several projects for ESA);
  • Development of imaging systems for planetary missions (Artemis VIPER, Rosetta, MarsExpress/Beagle2, SMART-1, BepiColombo, Exomars);
  • Cameras for on-orbit services (ADRIOS Active Debris Removal)
  • EO demonstration missions (PROBA 1 & 2) and onboard the ISS (CEA/CNES Andromede/LSO experiment);
  • Satellite monitoring camera systems (Sentinel 1a, BepiColombo, JUICE, Biomass);
  • Development of electronics for space missions (SMART-1, PROBA 2, ASTRO-H);
  • Control and processing units (Very Low Power Data Processing System, Imaging Processing Unit);
  • R&D activities on micro-cameras based systems (stereo benches, photogrammetry systems, contamination monitoring in harsh environment, spacecraft monitoring, navigation support);
  • Specialization in low mass, low power consumption and harsh environment electronics.

Combining a system approach (electronics, optics, mechanics, software and test) with low mass, low power consumption and harsh environment as drivers, and a large experience in end-to-end developments, MCSE is able to provide custom solutions to fulfill various imaging systems and control units requirements.


Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration SA is organised so as to cover the following domains:

  • General Management & Finance
  • Technical Management & R&D
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Electronics Development
  • Mechanics Development
  • Optics Development
  • Software Development
  • Assembly, Integration and Tests


The team at Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration is composed of highly skilled individuals, motivated by the challenging goals they are facing everyday.

Their diversity of backgrounds and experiences fosters innovation and creativity, and facilitates problem solving


Product Assurance and Quality Assurance (PA/QA) activities are considered of paramount importance by Micro-cameras & Space Exploration SA to satisfy specification requirements.

The quality system is based on:

  • MCSE baseline QA manual
  • PA/QA Master Plan adaptable to project requirements
  • MCSE procedures
  • Client procedures
  • ECSS

The disciplines covered by PA/QA are:

  • Product Assurance Management
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Configuration control
  • Safety
  • Dependability
  • EEE components
  • Materials, Processes and Mechanical parts
  • Cleanliness and contamination control
  • Reliability is assessed by the following methods:
    • Worst case analysis (WCA)
    • Failure Mode Effect (and Criticality) Analysis (FME(C)A)
    • Part stress analysis (PSA)
    • Reliability Prediction (RP)

Swiss Made

The products developped by Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration embed the characteristics of “Swiss Made” products:

  • Quality
  • Precision
  • Reliability
  • Service
  • Advanced Technology

Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration benefits from the know-how and competencies of the micro-technology companies, schools and research centers which contribute to the worldwide reputation of the Neuchâtel area.


Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration is continuously seeking highly motivated engineers.
If you are interested in joining us to work in the field of space exploration, please send your CV.

Open positions:

  • Firmware Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer/Constructor
  • Embedded Software Engineer