PROBA High Resolution Camera

MCSE team has developed a micro-camera for the High-Resolution Camera (HRC) on board the ESA PROBA mission.

The spacecraft is still in operation and the camera continues to provide pictures of the surface of the Earth.

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ESA Mission
Launch: October 2001
Still in operation
Orbit: LEO Sun-synchronous
Orbital parameters: 681×561 km
Spacecraft mass: 94 kg
PROBA stands for “Project for On-Board Autonomy”

In the framework of demonstrating the feasibility of small and low-cost missions by increasing operational autonomy, ESA proposed a mission called PROBA (PRoject for On-Board Autonomy). Proba intends to demonstrate the benefits of autonomy and to validate the supporting advanced technologies in orbit.

Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration is involved in delivering a micro-camera for the High Resolution Camera (HRC) for Proba Telescope. HRC performs Earth observations with a resolution of 5-10m/pixel, realising a mosaic of images of European countries.

Imaging of the Earth limb can illustrate the modest volume of the atmosphere and the importance of its equilibrium. Signatures of life and human activities on the whole Earth scale can be very educational. They illustrate environment aspects and the fragility of the biosphere. Night-side Earth observations can be obtained to outline cities, fires, light pollution.