MCSE involved in several instruments for Exomars

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Mission to Mars from ESA

ExoMars 2016 (orbiter): launched on 14 March 2016 (arrived 19 October 2016)

ExoMars 2020 (rover): launch: 26 July – 11 Aug 2020 (landing 19 March 2021)

CLoseUP Camera (CLUPI)

The Close-Up Imager on Exomars is a complete imaging system, consisting of an APS (Active Pixel Sensor) camera with 27° FOV optics. The sensor is sensitive to light between 400 and 900 nm with 14-bit digitization. The fixed focus optics provides well focused images at a distance of about 10 cm. The camera is an independent scientific instrument controlled via the SpaceWire interface. MCSE has completed the phase B of the development of the electronics for the Close-Up Imager, with a successful PDR.

PanCam (Panoramic Camera)

MCSE has completed the phase B of the development of the PanCam Wide-Angle Camera (WAC) head, part of the PanCam instrument onboard the ESA Exomars mission, with a successful PDR.


Contract with NASA/JPL

The Urey instrument was planned to search for organic compounds in Martian rocks and soils as evidence for past life and/or prebiotic chemistry. Urey was desing to detect several types of organic molecules, such as amino acids, at concentrations as low as a few parts per trillion.

Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration has been identified by NASA/JPL as a key partner in providing electronics for the Urey instrument onboard Exomars with emphasis on miniaturization, in order to cope with the tight mass constraints of the Urey instrument.